Welcome to BushCraft.

I’ve always enjoyed my beer. However when I moved to London in September 2006 I was disappointed with the beer offering in the UK. Since the summer of 2012 I have really been drawn to the craft beer scene here. Twitter helps. You can easily immerse yourself in the beer community, either to observe or to actually converse. Most bloggers, beer nerds, breweries and craft bars are up for a chat. Plus there are countless events in London that are very accessible and great online content including podcasts and blogs that can be accessed by following the right people on Twitter.

I’ve been itching to do something, but having a full time job and being a Dad with two young children makes it difficult to find the time. Enough with the excuses. I thought I would stop procrastinating and start somewhere and that somewhere is the Beer O’Clock Show podcast and their annual #12beersofxmas.

The premise is simple. Select 12 beers and drink one a day between December 20 and 31st and share on twitter and Instagram using #12beersofxmas. I’ll be launching my blog, BushCraft, and will post my daily choice here and on twitter (@michaeljlally) and instagram (@mikejlally).

I guess I’m doing this more for myself in terms of turning a hobby into something more creative. But hopefully you’ll enjoy it. I am not a big taster, so don’t expect tasting notes or lots of descriptions of the type of flavours and mouthfeel and aromas and after taste. There will be a little of that. My interest lies more in the business of brewing, growing a business, the process of brewing, understanding the people behind the beer and what drives and inspires them.

Here’s to the start of something more creative.



Why BushCraft?

BushCraft is about thriving in the natural environment, and the acquisition of the skills and knowledge to do so. It was popularised by the Bush Tucker Man, Les Hiddins.

My blog is about that, but with a beery twist. I am interested discovering the skills required to survive and thrive in the craft beer industry. Plus I was a long term resident of Shepherds Bush.