Introducing Three Bullet Tuesday

Tuesday 29 November 2016

Inspired by the GoodBeerHunting Read.Look.Drink and Tim Ferris’s 5-Bullet Friday, I wanted a forum to get across things I am pondering, enjoying or not enjoying that is shorter than a blog post and longer than a tweet. So here is my first Three Bullet Tuesday.

  • Podcasting: you will have noticed a hiatus in my podcasting. This is partly based on a busy time in my life including a job, a wife and two young boys. But, to be fair, it’s a deliberate pause. When I started podcasting, I did it because I felt there was a gap – there was no long form interview style beer podcasts in the UK – and I wanted to speak to people in the industry to hear their stories. Now there are plenty of others doing it, which is fantastic – more voices, more stories. I am currently re-thinking whether or not to continue and if so what changes should I make to the podcast to keep it relevant in a crowded market. Stay tuned.
  • Fullers – friend or foe?: West London is often the laughing stock of the craft beer scene in London. Why is that? As I continue my search for an answer, it often comes back to Fullers. Fullers are more than a brewery – they are a publicity listed PubCo with almost 400 pubs. Many of these are within a few miles of the Griffin Brewery in Chiswick West London. They all invariably stock vast amounts of Fullers beer and little else (with the odd exception). Are they to blame for the dearth of craft beer in West London? Are they even a craft brewery? Perhaps this needs more investigation…
Griffin Brewery, Chiswick West London
Griffin Brewery, Chiswick West London
  • Chris Hall: Chris spoke with Matthew Curtis on episode 83 of the Good Beer Hunting podcast and, ever the wordsmith, produced a great quote that I constantly reflect on. The thread starts at 1h25m into the podcast. He talks about the way craft breweries should leverage peoples other hobbies to grow into new areas. It’s summarised in this quote:

“There is so much overlap between our world and loads of other sub-cultures that we would be utterly, utterly stupid to waste these opportunities to involve others in what we do. We have got nothing to gain by only talking about beer to people interested in beer” 

I tried to imagine this graphically using the much-favoured Venn diagram and I am keen to explore this in a future post.


Author: Michael Lally

London-based Australian blogger, podcaster and wannabe photographer. Looking to tell great stories about the world of craft beer and the have conversations with the people behind the craft beer scene in the UK.

8 thoughts on “Introducing Three Bullet Tuesday”

  1. Be a shame to see you stop podcasting – my own aim was merely to add to the tapestry as it were. My thinking is that the more voices we have, then the more opportunities we have to reach those other subcultures you’ve identified in your diagram.

    I love this 3 bullet tuesday idea btw!


  2. I agree with Matthew, this kind of post is a great idea to get your thoughts out there!

    With regard to point 3, I think this is good in terms of getting craft beer out there to the masses and we are already seeing crossovers in a lot of the areas you mentioned. Stouts and porters such as those brewed by Arbor or Moor in collaboration with coffee roasters. The music connection has been done for many years… Camden Town did something alongside Maximo Park. There’s plenty of others too, even Idlewild and Editors have made collaboration beers. Plus there’s the obvious Trooper ales.

    I guess the main thing is to make sure it’s done sensitively and not of detriment to craft beer. It – to me – is an industry built on relationships and the products are of high quality, “artisan” if you will. To then have the latest celebrity or football team promoting or endorsing your beer would seem so counter-intuitive.

    It can be done well like you mentioned on Twitter in respect of Brooklyn or Stone. Look at the collaboration between Fourpure and Tate. There needs to be a degree of intelligence and subtlety for this to work. An example for me would be a reasonably local music venue, The Marble Factory in Bristol. They’re literally a stones throw away from Moor Beer, but have until now only stocked cans of San Miguel and Red Stripe. They’re now offering Moor as part of their drinks range which is a great way of engaging with a new audience.

    Anyway, great post which has engendered much discussion. Am looking forward to reading more of them.


    1. Thanks Olly. I don’t disagree with the comments re being done properly. Re football I see the opportunity more lower and non league as the corporate dollar ties up the top leagues. Re music, there is loads of cross over including people that have come into. Wet from the music business – that’s ripe for me!


  3. There’s definitely scope for local breweries/local sports clubs. In St Albans Verulam Brewery (in a brewpub) is the official brewery of the local rugby team. Sports clubs should be linked to some local business even if it’s not a brewery.


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